Chemical Resistant Board


Product Description

Chemical resistance board is made of phenolic compact laminate, which is a high pressure, and extremely durable decorative building panel, manufactured with a solid core built up several layers quality Kraft papers impregnated with phenolic resin, and the decorative paper impregnate with melamine resin, stacking and compressing them by steel board under high temperature and pressure, which edges can be cut, beveled, polished or machined to any required shape, is a anti-acid, anti-alkali and environmental friendly structure material.


Chemical resistant

Fireproof, heat resistant

Water resistant,moisture resistant

Anti-scratch ,anti-corrosion

Durable ,impact resistant

No toxic, no insets 


Applications : 

Shower Room and Toilet Partition , Lockers, Seating Bench, Wall Cladding ,Cafe Table Top,Kitchen Countertop,etc .


Thickness: 12.7mm , 15mm, 20mm

Color : black , grey, green


Standard Size : ( mm / feet)

1220x2440(4’ x 8’)   1220x3050(4’x10’)  1220x3660(4’x12’)  

1525x3050(5’x10’)  1525x3660(5’x12’)  1830x3660(6’x12’)