Exterior Compact Laminate


Product Description

Fumeihua Exterior Compact Laminate is made of 70% wood fiber craft paper after  thermosetting resin then produced under high pressure and high temperature,it’s a kind of extremely durable and stable performance panel in high density. 


Anti-UV, weather resistant

Fireproof, heat resistant

Water resistant,moisture resistant

Anti-scratch ,anti-corrosion

Durable ,impact resistant

No toxic, no fade 

Applications : 

Exterior wall panel , garden table and seat, outdoor cabinet,outdoor signage etc .

Thickness: Available in 4mm- 20mm

Color : refer to our color book here .  


Standard Size : ( mm / feet)

1220x1830(4’x6’)  1220x2440(4’x8’)  1220x3050(4’x10’)  1220x3660(4’x12’)  1525x3050(5’x10’)